Discovering What Can I Use My EBT Card for Online

Wondering what you can use your EBT card for online? Let’s explore the possibilities!

1. Online Retailers Accepting EBT Cards

Some online retailers now accept EBT cards as a form of payment. Here are some popular online stores where you can use your EBT card:
– Amazon (for qualifying food items)
– Walmart
– FreshDirect
– Safeway

2. Eligible Items for EBT Online Purchases

When using your EBT card online, you are limited to purchasing certain eligible items. These typically include:
– Fruits and vegetables
– Meat and poultry
– Dairy products
– Bread and cereals
– Snack foods

3. Restrictions on EBT Online Purchases

Certain items cannot be purchased with an EBT card, whether online or in-store. These restrictions vary by state, but generally include:
– Alcohol
– Tobacco
– Non-food items such as toiletries and cleaning supplies
– Hot, prepared foods

4. Using EBT Cards for Grocery Delivery Services

Some grocery delivery services now accept EBT cards as payment for online orders. This can be a convenient option for those who are unable to shop in-person.

5. Checking Your EBT Balance Online

Most states now offer online portals where you can check your EBT card balance and transaction history. This is a useful tool for managing your budget and tracking your spending.

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the possibilities of using your EBT card for online purchases. Remember to always check with your state’s guidelines and regulations to ensure you are using your card appropriately.