How to Find Expiration Date on EBT Card

Wondering how to find the expiration date on your EBT card? Here’s a simple guide to help you locate this important information.

Check the Front of the Card

One of the quickest ways to find the expiration date on your EBT card is to simply check the front of the card. Look for a printed date near the bottom of the card that indicates when the card will expire. This date is usually listed in a month/year format (e.g. 03/2025).

Look for a Sticker or Label

Sometimes the expiration date on an EBT card is included on a sticker or label that is attached to the card. If you don’t see the date printed directly on the card, make sure to check for any additional information that may be provided in the form of a sticker or label.

Contact the EBT Customer Service Hotline

If you’re having trouble locating the expiration date on your EBT card, you can always reach out to the EBT customer service hotline for assistance. The representative should be able to provide you with your card’s expiration date over the phone.

Visit the EBT Card Website

Another option for finding the expiration date on your EBT card is to visit the official website for the EBT program in your state. By logging into your account on the website, you should be able to view details about your card, including the expiration date.

Check your EBT Card Statement

If you receive a monthly statement for your EBT card, the expiration date may be included in the information provided. Take a look at your statement to see if the date is listed along with your transaction history.

Now that you know where to look, finding the expiration date on your EBT card should be a breeze. By keeping track of this information, you can ensure that your card remains active and can be used for all your essential purchases.