How to Buy Food Off Amazon With EBT

Buying food off Amazon with EBT is a convenient way to use your SNAP benefits online. To do so, you will need to have an EBT card and follow a few simple steps to make your purchases.

Setting Up Your Amazon Account

Before you can start buying food on Amazon with your EBT card, you will need to set up your Amazon account to accept EBT payments. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Go to the Amazon website and create an account if you don’t already have one.
  • Go to the “Your Account” page and select “Your Payments.”
  • Click on “Add a New Payment Method” and select EBT as your payment option.
  • Enter your EBT card information and follow the prompts to add it to your account.

Choosing Eligible Food Items

When buying food with your EBT card on Amazon, it’s important to make sure you are purchasing eligible food items that are approved under the SNAP program. You can use your benefits to buy:

Eligible food items Non-eligible items
Meat, poultry, fish Alcohol, tobacco
Dairy products Non-food items (e.g. pet food)

Adding Items to Your Cart

Once you have set up your Amazon account and determined your eligible food items, you can start adding them to your cart. Follow these steps to add items to your cart with your EBT card:

  1. Search for the food items you want to purchase.
  2. Click on the item you want and select “Add to Cart.”
  3. Proceed to checkout and select your EBT card as the payment method.
  4. Review your order and confirm the purchase using your EBT card.

Checking Out with Your EBT Card

When you are ready to check out with your EBT card, follow these steps to complete your purchase:

  • Go to your cart and review the items you have added.
  • Select your EBT card as the payment method.
  • Enter your EBT card PIN to confirm the purchase.
  • Complete the payment process and wait for your order to be processed.

Tracking Your Food Order

After you have successfully placed your order using your EBT card on Amazon, you can track the status of your food delivery. Follow these steps to track your food order:

  1. Go to your Amazon account and select “Your Orders.”
  2. Find the food order you placed and click on it to view the status.
  3. Track your order until it has been delivered to your doorstep.

In conclusion, buying food off Amazon with EBT is a simple and convenient way to use your benefits online. By following these steps, you can shop for eligible food items and have them delivered right to your door.