How Much is Amazon With EBT

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers that accepts EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) as a form of payment. The amount you can spend on Amazon with your EBT card will depend on the type of items you are purchasing and the restrictions that apply.

Types of Items Eligible for Purchase

When using your EBT card on Amazon, you can purchase a variety of items such as:

  • Groceries
  • Household essentials
  • Personal care products
  • Books

It is important to note that there are certain restrictions on what can be purchased with EBT benefits. For example, you cannot use EBT to pay for Amazon Prime membership fees or digital content like e-books or music.

EBT Benefits Allocation

Each month, the amount of EBT benefits you receive will vary based on factors such as income, household size, and expenses. The specific amount will be determined by your state’s guidelines and regulations.

Household Size Maximum Monthly EBT Allotment
1 $194
2 $355
3 $509

Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry

Amazon offers specific programs like Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry for EBT cardholders which allow them to buy groceries and other household essentials online. These programs have separate eligibility criteria and may have additional fees associated with them.

Payment Options and Discounts

When shopping on Amazon with your EBT card, you can choose to pay using your EBT benefits along with another payment method if needed. Additionally, Amazon occasionally offers discounts or promotions for EBT cardholders, making shopping more affordable.

Checking Your EBT Balance

It is important to keep track of your EBT balance to avoid overspending. You can easily check your remaining balance by logging into your EBT account online or contacting your state’s EBT customer service hotline.

In conclusion, Amazon provides a convenient way for EBT cardholders to purchase essential items online. By understanding the eligibility criteria, payment options, and restrictions, you can make the most out of your EBT benefits while shopping on Amazon.