Does Iherb Accept EBT

Yes, Iherb does accept EBT as a form of payment for eligible items. This makes it convenient for individuals who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to purchase their essential products online from Iherb.

Eligible Products

When using EBT on Iherb, it is crucial to note that only select items are eligible for purchase with this form of payment. These items typically fall under the category of groceries, which can include:

  • Food items such as grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and more
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Snack foods

Payment Process

Using EBT on Iherb is a straightforward process. Customers can add eligible items to their cart, proceed to checkout, and select EBT as the payment option. They will then be prompted to enter their EBT card information, including the card number and security code.

Eligibility Verification

Prior to making a purchase with EBT on Iherb, customers may be required to verify their eligibility. This can involve providing documentation to ensure they are eligible for benefits under the SNAP program.


While EBT can be used on Iherb for eligible items, there are certain restrictions to keep in mind. Some products, such as supplements and vitamins, may not be covered under the SNAP program and therefore cannot be purchased using EBT.

Customer Support

If customers have any questions or concerns regarding using EBT on Iherb, they can reach out to the customer support team for assistance. The team is available to provide guidance and clarification on the EBT payment process.

In conclusion, Iherb does accept EBT as a payment method for eligible items, making it a convenient option for individuals who rely on SNAP benefits. By understanding the eligibility criteria, payment process, verification requirements, restrictions, and customer support available, customers can make the most of this payment option on Iherb.