Does Amazon Food Take EBT

Yes, Amazon does accept EBT for qualifying food purchases on their website.

Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry

Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry are two services offered by Amazon that accept EBT for eligible food items. Here’s how you can use your EBT card on Amazon for food purchases:

  • Sign up for Amazon Fresh or Amazon Pantry
  • Select “EBT” as your payment method
  • Add eligible items to your cart
  • Complete your purchase using your EBT card at checkout

Qualifying Items

Not all items on Amazon are eligible for purchase with EBT. Eligible items include:

Qualifying Items Non-Qualifying Items
Fruits and vegetables Household items
Meat and poultry Alcohol
Dairy products Non-food items

Delivery Options

Amazon offers different delivery options for EBT purchases:

  1. Home delivery
  2. Amazon Locker pickup
  3. Amazon Hub pickup

EBT SNAP Benefit

If you receive EBT SNAP benefits, you can use your EBT card to purchase eligible food items on Amazon. The EBT card is used like a debit card to pay for qualifying food purchases.

Additional Discounts

Amazon also offers discounts and promotions for EBT cardholders. These discounts can help you save money on your food purchases when using EBT on Amazon.

In conclusion, Amazon does accept EBT for qualifying food purchases, making it convenient for EBT cardholders to access a wide variety of food items online.