Does Aldi Deliver With EBT

Yes, Aldi does accept EBT as a form of payment for online grocery delivery.

How to Use EBT for Aldi Delivery

When shopping online at Aldi, you can select the items you want to purchase and add them to your cart. When you proceed to checkout, you will have the option to pay with EBT by entering your EBT card information.

Eligible Items for EBT Purchases

  • Most food items are eligible for purchase with EBT, including fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and bread.
  • Non-food items, such as cleaning supplies and pet food, are typically not eligible for EBT purchases.

EBT Delivery Fees

While Aldi does accept EBT for online delivery, you may still be responsible for any delivery fees associated with your order. Make sure to check the delivery fees before completing your purchase.

Additional Payment Methods

If you have a combination of EBT and other forms of payment, you can split the payment at checkout. This allows you to use your EBT benefits for eligible items and pay for any non-EBT items with another payment method.

Delivery Timeframes

Delivery Option Estimated Timeframe
Standard Delivery 2-5 business days
Express Delivery Next business day

Overall, using EBT for Aldi delivery is a convenient option for those looking to use their benefits for online grocery shopping. Make sure to review the terms and conditions of EBT usage for delivery on the Aldi website before placing your order.